Minor Ailments


Minor Ailments

If you don’t pay for your prescriptions, you may be able to use our local Minor Ailment Scheme to get advice and free treatment for certain common illnesses without the need for a GP appointment.


Local immediate help for common conditions

It takes five years for pharmacists to become fully trained. Our pharmacists are experts in the use of medicines and are qualified to diagnose and treat minor illnesses. They are required to continually update their knowledge and skills with regular training being a mandatory requirement of their professional registration.

For many illnesses, your local pharmacist can provide free advice and medication to help you and your family feel better without the need to see a GP or booking an appointment. When you arrive, your pharmacist will listen to your concerns and undertake an initial assessment, providing professional help where they can. If they feel it is required, they will refer you on to another healthcare professional.


Who can use this service?

You can use the minor ailment scheme if you answer yes to all these points;

– You are registered with a local GP.
– You don’t pay for your prescriptions.
– You are suffering from one of the conditions listed below.


Minor Ailments List

Under this scheme you can get free advice and free treatment for the following minor illnesses and ailments.

– Acne
– Hayfever
– Athlete’s Foot
– Head Lice
– Cold Sores
– Indigestion/Heartburn/Tummy Upset/Vomiting
– Conjunctivitis
– Insect bites and stings
– Cough/Cold/Flu/High Temperature
– Mouth Ulcers
– Prevention of fever after vaccination
– Mouth or gum swelling
– Constipation
– Nasal Congestion
– Cystitis in adult females
– Nappy Rash
– Dandruff
– Pain
– Diarrhoea
– Sore Throat
– Dry Eyes
– Teething
– Eczema, Dry or Itchy Skin
– Threadworms
– Ear Wax
– Thrush
– Haemorrhoids (Piles)
– Warts and Verrucae

Simply come into the pharmacy to use this service or contact us for more information.


Book an Appointment

If you cannot see an appointment at a time and day suitable for you, please call the pharmacy and we will do our best to accommodate.