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Travel Clinic

Your Trusted Travel Clinic in South Tyneside

Overseas travellers have an up to 50% chance of suffering from a travel-related illness. Prevention is always better than cure. Imagine paying all that money to go abroad for a nice relaxing holiday only to arrive and get sick within a few days. Put your mind at ease by visiting East Boldon Travel Clinic in South Tyneside before you travel.

Our travel health-qualified pharmacist is able to advise you on all aspects of travel health. We can provide great-value vaccinations, anti-malarial medication and travel health products without you needing to visit your GP or obtain a prescription. Please visit the NHS’s Fit for Travel Website to find out what vaccines you need before you travel.


Travel Clinic East Boldon


We can usually accommodate last-minute appointments and are also open Saturday mornings as well as weekdays. What’s more, we are ideally placed for public transport links, just a stone’s throw away from East Boldon Metro Station.

While your initial personalised consultation is available for a small fee of £10 this is then redeemable against any purchases made.

Please note we do not administer paediatric travel vaccinations – we only administer to ages 16 and up.

Our expert Pharmacist is qualified to administer the following vaccinations at these competitive prices:

* = more than one dose is required to complete the course.

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If you cannot see an appointment at a time and day suitable for you, please call the pharmacy and we will do our best to accommodate.


Our Prices

Vaccine Price
Cholera £65.00
Hepatitis A £65.00
Hepatitis B * £55.00
Japanese B Encephalitis * £110.00
Meningitis £60.00
Rabies * £95.00
Tetanus / Diptheria / Polio £40.00
Typhoid £40.00
Combined Hepatitis A & Hepatitis B £80.00
Yellow Fever £70.00
Yellow Fever Certificate (Replacement) £15.00
Malaria Tablets Price
Chloroquine Please enquire at the Pharmacy
Doxycycline Please enquire at the Pharmacy
Lariam Please enquire at the Pharmacy
Malarone Please enquire at the Pharmacy
Generic Malarone Please enquire at the Pharmacy
Paludrine / Avloclor Please enquire at the Pharmacy

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